Corso di “User Experience Design – The Human side of technology” – Prof. Silvio Sangineto – Inizio 10.05.2021

The course has been moved to June 2021.

This introductory course to UX Design – originally crafted for computer science and computer engineering Ph.D. students and professors at theUniversity of Calabria – is now open to a broader audience. Lessons will start at 07:00 am (PST) / 04:00pm (CEST) and we will have a hard stop at 08:55 am (PST) / 5.55 pm (CEST) due to the business hours for the lecturer/guests and part of the audience. 

  • Please kindly turn on your camera, this is not a one-man show kind of thing :). It is an interactive course. Please do not attend if you think that you will be multitasking during this course
  • Please raise your hands if you have specific questions to ask, we are here to exchange ideas and learn together
  • Be respectful of others, cultures and, different point of views
  • Q&A will be in English as well to be inclusive of all


Software needed:

Notes: This course will be held in English.