PhD Course: IoT and Edge Intelligence

Published May 25, 2023 - 10:08

The "IoT and Edge Intelligence" course aims to provide basic notions relating to the technological solutions that underlie the creation of global infrastructures for the interoperability of elements of an Internet of Things. The main issues related to machine-to-machine platforms, 6LoWPAN protocols, CoAP protocol, Web of Things and Social IoT solutions will be introduced. Furthermore, the main characteristics of the systems based on Cloud of Things will be described with the respective virtualization techniques.

Main topics covered:
Communication protocols for the first generation of IoT: "labeled" objects
- RFID technology and EPCglobal Network architecture,

Communication protocols, programming paradigms and tools for the second generation of IoT: the interconnection of objects and the Web of Things
- ETSI M2M architecture
-  6LoWPAN
-  The architecture of the Web of Things
-  Operating principles of MQTT-SN, CoAP, and OMA Lightweight M2M

-Rule-based and event-driven Web of Things Tools: IFTT, Node-Red and Crosser

Communication protocols and Edge AI-enablers for the third generation of IoT: the era of social objects, the Cloud of Things, and the Future Internet
- Basics of Social Web of Things, Social Internet of Things, Cloud of Things
- IoT objects virtualization in the Edge Cloud: Agents and Digital Twins to enable Edge Intelligence

DS6 room - 2th floor, cube 41B

12/06/2023 (09:30-13:30)

13/06/2023 (09:30-13:30)

PhD Course "IoT and Edge AI"  team code:  86cs0gv

8h - 2CFU

Prof. Antonio Iera
Prof. Claudio Savaglio