PhD Course: Advanced Cyber Security

Published March 26, 2024 - 12:33

The course aims at discussing the main methodological aspects of cybersecurity and at giving an overview of research issues that have recently received huge attention.

By taking the course, the students will acquire knowledge about how security scenarios should be appropriately described and analyzed, and about interesting related research issues.

The course topics are as follows. Motivations of attacks and attack vectors. Security policies. Security objectives: confidentiality, integrity, availability, authenticity, accountability. Threat models. Reference user models: network users, snooping users, co-located users. Security mechanisms. Main kinds of mechanisms: authentication, authorization, audit. Classes of attacks: eavesdropping, modification, interruption, forging.

Typical issues with the design of security policies, threat models, and security mechanisms. Design principles and design rules. Security architectures. Artificial intelligence techniques for cybersecurity. Intellectual property protection, fraud detection in reviewing systems, adversarial defense of enterprise systems. Data management techniques for cybersecurity. Activity detection.

Seminar room - 5th floor, cube 42C

27/05/2024 (14:30-18:30) Link Teams 1
28/05/2024  (14:30-18:30) Link Teams 2

8h 2cfu



A. Pugliese