Corso di “QoS issues and approaches in mobile cellular networks” – Prof. Peppino Fazio (18 – 21 aprile 2017)

Course schedule:

* 18 Aprile, ore 14.30 / 17:30  – Aula Seminari DIMES (Cubo 42C, V Piano)

* 19 Aprile, ore 14.30 / 17:30  – Aula Seminari DIMES (Cubo 42C, V Piano)

* 20 Aprile, ore 14.30 / 17:30 – Aula Seminari DIMES (Cubo 42C, V Piano)

* 21 Aprile, ore 14.30 / 17:30 – Auletta Seminari Cubo 44 (Ex Presidenza)


Duration: 12 hours


The course introduces the fundamental concepts of Quality of Service (QoS) in mobile networks, especially focusing on the effects of mobility and channel degradations, emphasizing on the way they can be mitigated by deploying stochastic approaches. The main modules of the course regard: Mobile cellular networks, Mobility issues in cellular networks, Stochastic channel/mobility modeling, Countermeasures for mobility issues, Mobility management tools.



Peppino Fazio graduated in Computer Science Engineering (M.D.) in May 2004, at the University of Calabria (Italy). He took the Ph.D. in Electronics and Communications Engineering at the same University in January 2008. In the same year he spent a period of six months at the UPV of Valencia (Spain), for researching about VANET architecture. He is currently a middle school teacher and he is collaborating with DIMES Department of University of Calabria, after many international collaborations. He is peer reviewer and TPC member of different international conferences, as well as for many international journals, such as  IEEE TVT, COMMLETT, VTM, SPRINGER TELS, MONET, ELSEVIER VEHCOMM, COMNET, SIMPAT, JESTCH. His research interests include mobile communication networks, QoS architectures and interworking wireless and wired networks, mobility modeling for WLAN environments and mobility analysis for prediction purposes. He published more than 75 papers among International Journals, Conferences and Book Chapters