Valerio Pugliese


Stefano Curcio


Vincenza Calabrò

Research Topic

Polymeric membranes based Biosensors: new technologies for industrial and food safety

Research Abstract

The research project idea is to employ polymeric matrices to immobilize specific enzymes capable of degrading components of waste streams from the textile or agri-food industry. The control of the parameters is based on immobilized enzyme/coenzyme affinity in the aqueous stream that generates a signal captured by biosensors. Biosensors will detect the enzyme/coenzyme complex in contact with the electrode, which can be commercial or printed (e.g. graphite).

Experimental program:

1) State of the art about coupled use of biosensors/membranes

2) Materials and methods

3) Optimization of the biosensor moulding process into a polymeric matrix

4) Data transmission analysis