Lucio La Cava

Lucio La Cava


Prof. Sergio Greco


Andrea Tagarelli

Research Topic

Multimodal Representation Learning and Network Science Approaches for the Study of Emerging Decentralized Socio-Economic Systems

Research Abstract

My research project involves studying and characterizing emerging socio-economic domains through multimodal deep learning techniques (including Graph Representation Learning, NLP, Computer Vision) in conjunction with Network Science methodologies. The main focus is on Decentralized Online Social Networks (DOSNs) and the Web3 ecosystem. DOSNs represent a novel social paradigm that aims to bring back the user at the center of the stage, thus escaping the company-centric logic of the most popular social networks. Web3, on the other hand, defines the next step in the evolution of the Web, built upon blockchain, decentralization, and digital tokens, ready to shape unprecedented socio-economic frontiers.