Eugenio Vocaturo


Prof. Manlio Gaudioso

Research Topic

Models and systems for management of heterogeneous and complex data in the social health area.

Research Abstract

Nowadays, data management handles larger and larger volumes of information, coming out from various devices and data source we daily interact with; therefore, the requirement is not only to provide more and more capacious storage solutions, but it’s necessary to create suitable systems to allow a proper use of these information. In the social area, for instance, the information flow generated by portable devices helps us to find out people’s behavior, indicating the rising of new requirements and needs.

Similarly, in clinical medical area, new diagnostic equipments generate an enormous amount of data about the citizen’s health; this data set can be used both in the control and monitoring process activities, providing support for the study of new treatment protocols.

Likewise, in the social area, people daily use several support devices, which can be considered as information generators providing us, if properly channeled in an analysis system, relevant input to support decision-making and service planning processes (e.g. the traffic control devices or emergency alerting devices). The purpose of the research project is studying and modelling data acquisition and management systems to process and get reliable the information of interest, in order to improve the quality of life in a population and for the process optimization in socio-economical and health care area.

The research activity will concern case studies and identification of relevant indicators, through the acquisition and analysis of appropriate data set; moreover, we’ll study the use of ad-hoc techniques for the analysis and measurement of the convenience, that is how extraction and management of these information of interest can help to improve the quality of life of the citizen, safeguarding, at the same time, the end-user protection, minimizing risks related to information management and digital identity.

Another purpose is to set out examples for the definition of business intelligence protocols, starting from the available information, in order to support forecast and predictive models for the process management  in the social health and welfare care area (for both medical services offered and public spending optimization review).