Vincenzo Cioffi

Advisor: Prof.ssa Sandra Costanzo

Topic: Electromagnetic Diagnostics For Biomedical Applications

Abstract: My current research activity is oriented to the development of an innovative technique for the non-invasive electromagnetic measurement of biological parameters such as the glucose concentration in the blood. This technique takes the advantages of Radio Frequency (RF) usage. In fact, microwave sensors have the ability to measure the changes of chemical properties in biological media such as tissues or fluids. The main problem in this activity is to understand the influence of the biological medium in the electromagnetic waves propagation.

In order to achieve the described purposes, the focus of my study will be the development of a model analysis to be applied in a medium such as the human body, where some physical properties are not costant and real quantities.

The ultimate goal will be the development of an analytical model to be helpful in the design of biosensors.