Riccardo Tomasello

Advisor: Prof. Mario Carpentieri

Topic: Micromagnetic modeling of spintronic devices

Abstract: Spintronics is a branch of Physics dealing with the interaction among the electrical properties and the magnetic properties of nanometric multilayered structures. A typical spintronic device is a trilayer made by two ferromagnetic layers and one non-magnetic layer, where an electrical current can flow perpendicularly to the stack. The thinner ferromagnetic layer is called free layer, whereas the thicker one is known as pinned layer. If the non-magnetic layer is an electrical conductor the device is called spin-valve; if it is an electrical insulator, the entire device is called Magnetic Tunnel Junction. Spintronic devices present several technological applications, such as oscillators, microwaves detectors, logic gates and magnetic memories (MRAM and racetrack memory). My research activity consists in the theoretical study of processes regarding the free layer magnetization dynamics, and, more in general, the magnetization dynamics in ferromagnets, and in the engineering of physical and geometrical properties of spintronic devices, in order to predict and optimize their technological applications. That study is mainly carried out by means of a micromagnetic code which has been parallelized via the CUDA computer science language and the GPU use.

email: tomasello@deis.unical.it