Michele Ianni

Advisor: Prof. Andrea Pugliese

Advisor: Dr. Elio Masciari

Topic: Software security

Abstract: The growth of complexity of modern software is coupled with the existence of flaws that can lead to vulnerabilities. A vulnerability is a weakness that can be exploited to compromise the integrity, confidentiality or availability of a system. The interaction between many types of computing platforms and the massive amount of sensitive operation we perform everyday on these devices, have made computing platforms an appealing target for various attacks. Among the different types of flaws that can lead to vulnerabilities, memory errors play an important role. The abuse of these kind of flaws have historically led to effective attacks, often used in conjunction with malicious application. Research on software security is strictly related to the proactive study of new attack vectors, malware and cryptographic protocols in order to develop new solutions for mitigation and prevention of many kind of attacks.

email: michele.ianni@unical.it