Marco Guevara

Advisor: Prof. Felice Crupi

Topic: Advanced c-Si solar cells simulations

Abstract: Detailed numerical solar cells simulations uses Finite Elements Method (FEM) and rigorous device physics to simulate the behavior of the solar cells accurately. The model tries to avoid simplifying assumptions but instead takes into account most of the variable parameters, i.e. the spatial variables, fabrication process, or changes in the operative conditions. The simulation results provide predictive and diagnostic capabilities that allow the improvement of the solar cells designs and the reduction in time and cost inherent in the device fabrication. Sentaturus TCAD is an ideal software tool that allows simulate the optics and electric parts of the solar cells with the advantage to include a wide material properties ready to be used. An interesting topic in solar cells is the charge extraction, which is how the photo-generated carriers come out the device. A well understanding of the mechanism involves on this, lead improvements in the size and position of the contacts, and with that an increment of the solar cells efficiency.