Marat Mukhametzhanov

Advisor: Prof. Yaroslav Sergeyev

Topic: Global optimization methods and infinity computing

Abstract: Many important practical problems involve the search for the global extremum in the space of the system parameters. In many applications the objective function can be a “black-box”, non differentiable, multi-extremal and hard to evaluate. Therefore, it is necessary to use efficient Global Optimization methods. Hence, development of efficient global optimization algorithms and the problem of an effective systematic comparison of different-nature global optimization algorithms are considered in my work. These problems are examined not only in traditional computational systems but also using modern paradigms, for example, Infinity Computing, Biocomputing, etc. So, the work is dedicated to the study of complex systems, design of new numerical methods, their analysis, study of the convergence and their implementation on traditional computers and, where it is possible, on the Infinity Computer.