Nunziato Cassavia

Advisor: Prof. Sergio Flesca

Co-Advisor: Prof. Elio Masciari

Topic: Innovative Solutions for Big Data Management Systems and High-Performance Computing on Cloud.

Abstract: The main research topic of my PhD focuses the management systems for Big Data. In recent years this line of research has received great attention from both the scientific and the industrial communities.
This attention arises from availability of large amounts of data that are produced every day in various sectors, with great variability of formats and that require considerable care for their analysis in order to produce a suitable value.
In this very large area, there are some issues that should be appropriately detailed as: the integration of Big Data Warehouse, the problems related to privacy of integrated information and knowledge extraction from Big Data.
It is also necessary working on the definition of innovative solutions for resources sharing through the use of peer-to-peer protocols and cloud computing technologies with a focus on energy assessment of the networks of this type.
These research areas could lead to interesting ideas for the creation of new Big Data Management Systems based on peer to peer protocols and cloud computing.