Teresa Gallo

Advisor: Prof. Domenico Saccà

Co-Advisors: Prof. Angelo Furfaro, Prof. Alfredo Garro

Topic: Methodologies for mastering the evolution of complex systems

Abstract: Software engineering aims to maximize customer satisfaction, by devising and exploiting suitable methodologies, processes, tools and frameworks for improving the software development activities. The development of high quality complex software systems and a fast time to market with full customer satisfaction often appear as two competing forces. The high quality is strongly related to formal representation of system concepts and to well modeled requirements, from the early phases of a system development process and along the whole system life. This is one of the most active research line on  Requirement engineering (RE). Agile software development methodologies, on the other end, seem to look for the immediate customer satisfaction by handling  ‘on the fly’ every change requirement request. My research activities concern:

  • finding the optimal tradeoff between the competing forces coming from  requirement engineering methodologies and agile development methodologies;
  • devising suitable methods for handling in a common framework both software development and enterprise management activities, in order to take under control the complexity of large scale Information System (IS).

To this purpose, research and  industrial software development should integrate each other and drive together in the same direction for achieving customer satisfaction. In particular, my research is devoted to define and apply methodologies for supporting and for tracing of complex system requirements, and to show their effectiveness inside  agile software engineering frameworks.

 email: teresa.gallo@dimes.unical.it