Francesco Greco

Advisor: Prof. Giandomenico Amendola

Topic: Millimeter wave antennas for 5G applications

Abstract: Millimeter wave (mmWave) appear to be a promising candidate for next-generation cellular systems by which multiple gigabit-per-second data rates can be supported. The research activity is focused on the  study of different configurations of antenna in the frequency range of millimetre wave.  This activity could be divided in two different parts.  In the first one the main topic was the study and the evaluation of a reflector antenna in Q-V band that could be used  in the backhauling/fronthauling point of the 5G networks, while in  the second one  the main objective is the study of the possibility to use microwave antennas in 5G  mobile terminal. The goal is to obtain an antenna with an high level of integration that is able to make scanning within 5G network.