Diego Perna

Advisor: Prof. Andrea Tagarelli

Topic: Models, methods, and applications in information network analysis and mining

Abstract:¬†My main research interests are in the areas of network and web science, knowledge discovery and data mining, and information retrieval. Currently my research emphasis is on the development of models, methods and related applications concerning Information Network Analysis and Mining. Today’s information networks are widespread and huge, as they cover many aspects underlying complex relationships among complex real-life objects. In this context, I am interested in studying and developing network models that enable the representation of a variety of information networks, including multilayer/multidimensional, heterogeneous, time-evolving, and knowledge-based networks.
Special attention is devoted to emerging and challenging problems related to ranking, influence propagation, trust analysis, and community discovery in information networks.
Application domains of interest range from (online) social networks to semantic networks (for natural language/semistructured texts), bibliographic networks, recommendation networks.

email: d.perna@dimes.unical.it