Antonio Cordopatri

Advisor: Prof. Giuseppe Cocorullo

Topic: Design, simulation and realization of a four independent wheel-drive electric car

Abstract: In the last years, the European Union has issued a set of increasingly strict specifications with the purpose of reducing the CO2 emissions from the combustion of fossil fuels. Obviously, these regulations are of large interest for the automotive field, where the use of internal combustion engines affect in consistent mode the total annual emission of CO2. For this reason, the reduction of vehicles consumption and pollutants is an important topic for many researchers. Currently the most widespread solution is represented by hybrid vehicles but it is rational to think that, in a near future, the vehicles with fully electric propulsion will be more diffused. To this purpose, we study how an electric propulsion can move the vehicle. Unlike the existent solutions on the market, where vehicles use a single electric motor or a motor for each axis, we propose to use an electric motor on each wheel. The choice of using one motor for each wheel allows to eliminate some mechanical components. In this way it can be reduced the weight and physical encumbrance, and increase the overall efficiency of the movement system.