Claudio Savaglio

Advisor: Prof. Giancarlo Fortino

Co-Advisor: Prof. Wilma Russo

Topic: Methodologies and middleware for autonomic and cognitive IoT computing: towards open and interoperable IoT platforms

Abstract: The Internet of Things (IoT) vision refers to a scenario in which daily real world objects participate to the Internet, being able to be globally networked, discovered and exploited, with consequent benefits both for individuals and businesses. In such emerging domain, Smart Objects (SOs), namely daily life physical object augmented with sensing/actuation, processing, storing, and networking capabilities, will play a central role in providing new cyber-physical services to both humans and machines. The undertaken research activities are focused on the definition of innovative models and techniques for managing cooperating smart objects in different IoT-related application domains, aiming at minimizing the human intervention and overcoming technological and protocol heterogeneity. In this direction, the undertaken research activities draw inspiration from the concepts of “autonomic computing” and “cognitive networks”, which are widely considered essential computing paradigms to cope with the inherent complexity and to harness the enormous potential that the IoT brings.