Andrea Vinci

Advisor: Prof. Giandomenico Spezzano

Topic: Platform for cyber physical systems and decentralised algorithms on physical domains

Abstract: Recently, we have assisted to a an ongoing seamlessly integration between the cyber and the physical worlds, at every scale, where physical systems are enhanced embedding computational and networking devices in each component.  Cyber physical systems are smart systems that encompass computational (i.e., hardware and software) and physical components, seamlessly integrated and closely interacting to sense and change the state of a physical environment. These systems challanges for new platform and algoirthms to be designed and devoloped, taking into account issues as integration of heterogeneous devices/system, dynamic reconfigurability, real-time processing. My research activity concerns the design of these platforms and the search for decentralised algorithms that can suitable execute in smart devices so as to control physical environments or enhance them with new functionality and capabilities.