Corso di “Managing and Querying Incomplete and Inconsistent Data” – Proff. Cristian Molinaro, Irina Trubitsyna (20-23 Giugno)

Titolo. “Managing and Querying Incomplete and Inconsistent Data” – Proff. Cristian Molinaro, Irina Trubitsyna

Orario. Martedì, mercoledì, giovedì e venerdì (20-23 giugno) dalle 10 alle 13 — Cubo 44.

Abstract. The course presents the state of the art in managing and querying incomplete and inconsistent databases. First, formal characterizations of relational databases, data dependencies and query languages are introduced. Next, the course considers the problem of managing incomplete data, that is databases with null values. Different representation models, including SQL databases, Codd tables, Naïve tables and Conditional tables and different contexts such as data integration and data exchange are considered. Then, the problem of constructing consistent databases (called universal models) starting from inconsistent ones and the problem of computing consistent answers to queries are discussed. Finally, different chasing algorithms are presented and the chase termination problem consisting in the identification of sufficient conditions that guarantee that the application of the chase fixpoint algorithm terminates, independently from the database instance, is studied.

Short bios.
Cristian Molinaro received the PhD degree in Computer Science Engineering from the University of Calabria, Italy. He was a Visiting Scholar at the State University of New York at Buffalo (2008) and at George Mason University (2012). He was a Faculty Research Assistant at the University of Maryland Institute for Advanced Computer Studies (2009-2011). Currently, he is an Assistant Professor at the University of Calabria. His research interests include database theory, managing inconsistent and incomplete information, logic programming, and social network analysis.

Irina Trubitsyna received the PhD degree in computer engineering from the University of Calabria. Currently, she is a research associate at the Department of Informatics, Modeling, Electronics
and System Engineering of University of Calabria. Her current research interests include data integration, inconsistent and incomplete databases, logic programming, and nonmonotonic reasoning.