Corso di “Mathematics for Machine Learning” – Prof. Manlio Gaudioso (6– 9 Giugno 2017)

Course Title: “Mathematics for Machine Learning”



“The course is meant to provide basic Numerical Optimization tools to handle some classes of  Machine Learning problems such as supervised and unsupervised classification. In particular notions on optimality conditions for  functions of several variables both in the constrained and the unconstrained case will be recalled. The problem of separating sets in n-dimension spaces  by appropriate separation surfaces will be put in the form of an optimization problem. The  Support Vector Machine (SVM)  model, where separating hyperplanes are adopted for classification purposes, will  be discussed, together with possible alternative separation methods based on piecewise affine, ellipsoidal, spherical or conical surfaces.The results of some applications will be discussed as well”

Course schedule:

Tuesday  June 6 – h 15.00-18.00 – Aula seminari Cubo 44

Wednesday  June 7 – h 09.30-12.30 – Aula seminari Cubo 44

Thursday  June 8– h 09.30-12.30 – Aula seminari Cubo 44

Friday  June 9– h 09.30-12.30 – Aula seminari Cubo 44

Brief CV:

Manlio Gaudioso received his “Laurea Degree” in Electrical Engineering from the Università di Napoli in 1973. Since 1994 he is  Professor of Operations Research at Università della Calabria. His research interests include numerical optimization for nondifferentiable problems and applications of Operations Research techniques in several areas, such as Machine Learning, Logistics, Production Planning and Computer Science.

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