Corso di “Information Network Analysis” Prof. Andrea Tagarelli (05 – 12 Aprile 2017)


Titolo: Information Network Analysis

This course provides an introduction to models and algorithms designed to analyze information networks. Contents include: topological characterization of complex networks; network models; centrality, prestige, and ranking; community detection; information diffusion and influence maximization, applications to online social networks, collaboration networks, rating networks, NLP networks.

Course schedule:
* 5 Aprile, mattina (10.00), 3 ore
* 6 Aprile, pomeriggio (14.30), 3 ore
* 11 Aprile, pomeriggio (14.30), 3 ore
* 12 Aprile, pomeriggio (14.30), 3 ore

Sala seminari del DIMES (Cubo 42C, V piano)

Short Bio:
Andrea Tagarelli is an assistant professor of computer engineering at the University of Calabria, Italy. He graduated magna cum laude in computer engineering, in 2001, and obtained his Ph.D. in computer and systems engineering, in 2006. He was research fellow at the Department of Computer Science & Engineering, University of Minnesota at Minneapolis, USA, working in the George Karypis’s Data Mining Lab, from March to September 2007. In 2013, he obtained the Italian national scientific qualification to associate professor, for the computer science and engineering research area, scientific disciplinary sector (SSD) ING-INF/05 “Sistemi di Elaborazione delle Informazioni”.

His research interests include topics in data mining, web and network science, information retrieval, artificial intelligence. On these topics, he has coauthored more than 80 peer-reviewed papers, including journal articles, conference papers and book chapters. He also edited a book titled “XML Data Mining: Models, Methods, and Applications”. He was co-organizer of three workshops and a mini-symposium on data clustering topics in premier conferences in the field (ACM SIGKDD, SIAM DM, PAKDD, ECML-PKDD). He has also served as a reviewer as well as a member of program committee for leading journals and conferences in the fields of databases and data mining, knowledge and data engineering, network analysis, information systems, knowledge based systems, and artificial intelligence. Since 2015, he is in the editorial board of Computational Intelligence Journal and Social Network Analysis and Mining Journal.