Minicorso del Prof. Nicola Bellomo, “Stochastic, Evolutionary differential games and applications in behavioral sciences” – 21-22 Novembre 2016

Il Corso si terrà presso la Sala Seminari del DIMES, dalle 10:00 alle 12:00 nei giorni 21 e 22 Novembre 2016


Nicola Bellomo

Motivations and Scientic Background

This sequel of 3 lectures have been conceived to foster the dialogue between mathematics and life
sciences, specifically, social sciences. Interactions among scholars traditionally belonging to different
research areas is more than ever necessary for a better understanding of many of the problems we
face today. For example, mathematicians need economists and social scientists to better address
the methodologies they design towad a more realistic way, while social scientists need to be aware
of sound mathematical modeling tools, in order to understand and, ultimately solve, the complex
problems they tackle in their own research.

These interactions can also be viewed as a “gift” to mathematicians as they generate a variety
of challenging analytic and computational problems that can stimulate intellectual energies
toward future developments of mathematics. Indeed, the development of mathematical methods is
interesting not only as it is an essential part of the said interdisciplinary approaches, but also as it
can potentially contribute to the development of mathematical sciences by the challenging target
of inventing new theories and tools, inspired on the evidence revealed by life sciences.

The lectures are focused on the mathematical theory of evolutionary stochastic games and
their application to the modeling, qualitative analysis, and related computational problems of
living, hence behavioral and complex, systems. The lectures are proposed as a multi-disciplinary
approach that aims at fostering transfer of knowledge, ideas and methodology across different

The contents of the Lectures is extracted from:
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Game Approach, Birkhauser-Springer, Boston, (2008).
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