Corso di Dottorato “Enabling technologies for IoT & vehicular networks” Prof.Carlos Tavares Calafate – Inizio 26.01.2021

Title: “Enabling technologies for IoT & vehicular networks”

Instructor: Prof. Carlos Tavares Calafate

Abstract. This course is organized in three parts. The first part provides an overview of different wireless networks, and then focuses on IoT issues including IoT the concept of things, architectures and content distribution. It is complemented with some practical examples using real hardware. The second part introduces the ITS context, detailing the key vehicular networks applications and wireless technologies. Simulation and performance issues are also introduced and discussed, along with technology standardization. The third part provides some background on unmanned aerial vehicles, introducing their fundamentals, flight principles, key applications, performance and legal issues. The different developments produced at the GRC research group are presented and discussed, including several illustrative videos.


Tuesday 26/01: 10-12

Wednesday 27/01: 10-12

Thursday 28/01: 11:30-13:30