List of Courses – Academic Year 2018/2019

Instructors Title Date

Prof. Domenico Talia,

Dr. Fabrizio Marozzo

(University of Calabria, Italy)

Big Data Analysis on HPC and Clouds January 14 -18

Prof. Alfredo Garro,

Dr. Alberto Falcone

(University of Calabria, Italy)

Systems Engineering Fundamentals January 28 -February 1

Prof. Alejandro Lucas Boria,

(University of Cuenca La Mancha, Spain)

Emergent novel technologies for the design of planar devices: Metamaterials and empty substrate inegrated structures February 4 – 8

Prof. Giancarlo Fortino,

Dr. Claudio Savaglio

(University of Calabria, Italy)

From Modelling to Implementation of IoT Systems February 11 – 15

Dr. Francesco Picariello

(University of Sannio, Italy)

Accurate phase measurement systems for electrical and optical signals March 4 -8

Dr. Gianluigi Folino

(CNR, Italy)

Ensemble Learning March 25 -29

Prof. Anatoly Zhigljavsky

(Cardiff University, UK)

Design of experiments: classical results and recent advances April 8 -10

Prof. Natalia Nikolova

(McMaster University, Canada)

Introduction to Microwave Imaging April 10 -12

Prof. Stefano Basagni

(Northeastern University, USA)

The Internet of Everything, Everywhere: Methods and Technologies for Heterogeneous Device Internetworking with an Emphasis on Underwater Networks May 6 – 10

Dr. Giandomenico Spezzano

(CNR, Italy)

Cognitive Internet of Things: A New Paradigm Beyond Connection May 27 – 31

Prof. Manlio Gaudioso

(University of Calabria, Italy)

Optimization for Machine Learning June 10 -14

Dr. Bart Bogaerts

(Vrije Universiteit Brussel)

Introduction to Approximation Fixpoint Theory and its Applications July 8 – 12

Prof. Raffaele Giancarlo

(University of Palermo, Italy)

Universal hashing, perfect hashing and bloom filters September

Dr. Amedeo Napoli

(INRIA, France)

Data Science and Formal Concept Analysis TBD